Elite Legal Nurses, LLC                                  Anne D. Pile, RN, BS, CCRN-A
         Identifying the Medical-Legal Issues One Piece at a Time                   301.491.6565  anne@elitelegalnurses.com   


ELITE LEGAL NURSES is a concierge medical-legal nurse consulting service, catering to plaintiff only medical malpractice and personal injury law firms.

Have you ever faced an approaching statute of limitations or court-determined deadline and you need a case reviewed by a medical expert quickly? Or you contact an expert only to be told they are too busy to meet your deadline? With Elite Legal Nurses this worry is eliminated. Elite is your personal
medical-legal consultant service dedicated to be available to you and your firm.

Elite Legal Nurses are part of your team starting with the initial intake call and client meeting, through discovery to the conclusion of the litigation.


"You know the law and I know the
   medicine.....together we make a
              formidable team"

  • Independent nurse consultant for more than 5 years for most of the top medical malpractice and personal injury firms in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and other across the country
  • More than 7 years' experience as an in house lega nurse consultant for one of the preeminent plaintiff medical malpractice firms in Washington, DC
  • More than 20 years diversified critical care nursing experience.
  • Case screening for merit, identification of potential defendants, and breaches in the standard of care
  • Real world knowledge of hospital care
  • Tenacious advocate for your client
  • Access to more than 300 pre-screened medical expert witnesses
  • Expert knowledge of the medical record
  • Attendance at client DME's
  • Unique retainer based billing
  • Monthly case meetings in your office (within 100 miles of Washington, DC)
  • Recover the costs of services upon verdict or settlement
  • No overhead for office space, equipment, or employee benefits



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