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Anne Pile worked in my law firm for more than 7 years. She was an essential member of our team and the success we enjoyed. Anne can do it all---need an expert –no problem---an article—done---a power point settlement brochure—ok, take the client clothes shopping for court—why not--She brings her can do nursing training to case preparation and the courtroom. Anne is the best legal nurse consultant we have ever had—by far—.

Bruce J. Klores, Esq.

Bruce J. Klores & Associates, PC

Washington, DC

I have relied on Anne to evaluate and help me develop medical malpractice cases for over eight years.  I won’t use anyone else.  Anne is like having a nurse-lawyer in the office.  She scours the records, in areas that lawyers often miss, to find important clues to what happened.  While she is well-versed in most aspects of the complex medical issues we deal with, she is also an expert at explaining the issues in a language that juries can understand. To call Anne a legal-nurse consultant is to understate what she does.  I would recommend Anne’s work to any medical malpractice lawyer, whether you are just starting out or have 30 years in the business!

Scott M. Perry, Esq.

Perry Charnoff, PLLC

Arlington, VA

As a career defense attorney I found myself on numerous occasions on the opposing side to Anne.  It was evident how plaintiff counsel and their clients valued her presence in the courtroom.  Her knowledge of the medicine and her tenacity in advocating for their client made her a worthy adversary. Anne is a true professional and would be a benefit to any firm.

Steven A. Hamilton Esq.
Gleason, Flynn, Emig & Fogleman, Chartered
Rockville, MD 

I have known and worked with Anne for more than seven years, both in the office and at trial. Anne’s experience, medical knowledge, and attention to the details found in the medical records are invaluable and have led to important discoveries. But what is even more valuable is being able to call Anne about a current or new case. She always makes herself available and will quickly give me a summary of her views on key issues. She is able to quickly find a reference in a medical record or other document that I need. She is a dedicated legal nurse consultant and more importantly dependable to work with.

L. Palmer Foret, Esq.

Of Counsel Ashcraft & Gerel, LLP

Owner Foret Law, PLLC

Rockville, MD

As primarily a defense attorney, I have never had the pleasure of working side by side with Anne. When our paths crossed it would be on opposite sides of the courtroom or mediation.  She was an invaluable part of the plaintiff legal team. Her in-depth clinical background as a registered nurse only made my job more difficult. 

Brian J. Nash, Esq.

Nash and Associates, LLC

Baltimore, MD

I have had the pleasure of working with Anne on multiple occasions.  As a busy physician, her medical knowledge of the legal cases we discuss proves to be a great benefit and time saver.  Anne always works to provide essential information so there are no surprises.  She is a true professional and lovely person to work with.

Raymond Patterson, M.D.

Forensic Psychiatrist

Washington, DC

Working with Anne over many years has always proved to be an enjoyable, professional relationship.  I know when we discuss the medicine involved in the legal case Anne will be knowledgeable and able to provide additional information if indicated.  This makes communicating with her on complex medical issues easy as it saves me time in my hectic daily schedule.  Anne is a true gem to work with.

Kris Sperry, M.D.

Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Georgia

Atlanta, GA

If you are seeking a nurse consultant who understands the legal world, look no further than Anne Pile.  The Organization of Legal Professionals (OLP) has been fortunate to have Anne provide timely and invaluable teaching webinars to sizeable audiences of experienced lawyers and paralegals.  Her reviews have been nothing short of excellent.  Looking for dedication timeliness, and accuracy?  Our lawyers and paralegals have requested Anne to return time and time again.  And believe me, this is one tough crowd.

Chere Estrin
President and Co-Founding Member
The Organization of Legal Professionals


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